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The Most Technologically Advanced LED on the Market
Available in 10 Watt, 30 Watt, 50 Watt, 80 Watt and 200 Watt We use the newest ceramic chip technology with over 60% energy savings, longer life and no maintenance needed. Click Here to Learn More
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Changing Flex-A-Lite

Changing Color is a smooth transaction of changing colors. The first color arrives softly to its full brightness and then fades back to its first color and continues to recycle at the speed you select. Changing Color’s purpose is to have 2 separate colors of decorative lighting in one strand fading in and out producing a pleasant eye catching display. Also our changing color is the only product on the market that has 1 1/8” spacing on center per color. All other products are 2” on center per color.


• Cuttable, flexible and connectable

• Indoor and outdoor usage

• Weather resistance PVC

• Multiple colors available

• Easy installation, no special tools require

• 18 Month Warranty




• Spools 280 Feet • Cut Orders Welcome



• Architectural Outlines

• Building Outlines

• Stairway Lighting

• Pathway Lighting

• Amusement Parks

• Marine Lighting

• Deck Lighting

• Theaters

• Fountains

• Signs and Graphics

• Restaurants

• Bars

• Special Event Decorations

• Cove Lighting


Changing Flex-A-Lite
Changing Flex-A-Lite Changing Flex-A-Lite