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Micro LED Light Strip

The Micro LED Light Strip uses Light Emitting Diodes (LED), which have an exceptionally long life time. This product is very efficient in power consumption and at the same time it is virtually maintenance free. Short field cutting makes this product easy to work with and you are able to operate hundreds of feet at a time using a high capacity transformer. Micro LED Light Strips have functional alternatives, like flashing and chasing which allows this product to be used for unlimited applications. We also offer a variety of mounting accessories and power supplies making it a complete product system in order to facilitate an incredibly easy and versatile installation.


• Max Run is 50 Feet per 12 VDC, 60 Watt,
LED Driver that plugs into 110 Vac. Outlet

• LED Spacing: 1” on center

• 7 Color Choices: Pure White, Blue, Pure Green,
Amber, Red,  and
Cool White

• Emits light around strip, not
mono-direction allike most LEDs

• Fits in all standard 3/8” mounting

• Energy requirements 0.96 watts per foot

• Crushproof to 100 PSI

• LED life in excess of 100,000 hours

• 12V cutting length every 3 inches

• 24V Available Special Order

• 2 Year Warranty

Technical Data: Micro LED Light Strip




• Special Effects

• Architectural Outline

• Stairways

• Aisles

• Amusement Parks

• Restaurants and Bars

• Malls

• Stage Lighting

• Cove Lighting

• Pathway Lighting

• Marine Lighting

• Under Cabinets

• Over Cabinets

• Railings

• Emergency Lighting

Micro LED Light Strip
Micro LED Light Strip Micro LED Light Strip Micro LED Light Strip Micro LED Light Strip Micro LED Light Strip Micro LED Light Strip Micro LED Light Strip Micro LED Light Strip